How It Started

Folium pX – the perfect blend of “science meeting nature” – is a product Babry Oren discovered on one of his frequent trips to his native land of Georgia, which was once part of the Soviet Union.

Oren received his master’s degree in economics and spent most of his adult life in international oil and gas development. In 2005, he heard of an all-natural product that had been created by former Soviet Union scientists to help purge radioactivity from victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Intrigued to know more about this miraculous product, Oren met the owners. He was surprised to know that its beneficial ingredients raised the numbers leukocytes in survivors who were suffering from extreme radiation contamination.

Leukocytes are a type of white blood cell and the immune system’s main line of defense against harmful substances in the body. The more leukocytes that are produced in response to foreign invaders, the more effectively your body can fight diseases.

Chernobyl survivors who took Folium pX regularly experienced drastic improvements in their health in a relatively short period of time due to a strengthened immune system.

Impressed by its remarkable results, Oren finally bought Folium pX in 2008. He has spent the last 15 years testing it, assembling a team of world-class trained scientists and educators, and bringing it to the public.

For Oren, this is not about the money. He truly believes that Folium pX is something that every person on this planet could, and should, benefit from. After all, if Folium pX helped individuals recover from the Chernobyl catastrophe by rebuilding their immune systems, it can ensure that your immune system is strong enough to target any toxins, heavy metals, radioactive particles, or microorganisms you may be exposed to.

Our Mission

To help individuals achieve optimal health by obtaining and providing an advanced, natural, organic, and ethical supplement, while respecting and preserving a sustainable environment for future generations.